Parking Enforcement Services

RJT provides towing and tire “boot” service to Condominiums, apartment complexes, private communities, municipalities and commercial properties. Our professional drivers are properly trained to provide these services and our state of the art equipment allows us to provide towing without damage to any vehicle. Properties that contract with RJT Motorists are able to receive service on a 24-hour basis. A phone call to us brings our services to your doorstep.

We understand that space is a limited resource and demand is high for convenient parking. Effective parking enforcement and collection activities are a critical part of maintaining an efficient parking management solution.

We at RJT know that most people resolve their parking violations on their own, but some need a more compelling method of ensuring they pay their debts. When these rules are not enforced, those that follow the rules are forced to carry the burden for those that don’t.

When a person parks improperly or fails to pay their violations in a timely manner, the process of enforcement begins. This usually begins with letters being mailed to the violators’ home. When this does not produce the desired result or someone parks in the wrong space, towing and booting operations step in.

Why You Need RJT Towing & Boot Service

  • Authorized Vehicles Only Keeping your parking lot open for ONLY your customers ensures that your business can run to its full potential. Available parking spaces for customers translate into sales.
  • Reserved and Permit Parking A common reason for the use of our 24-hour service is when unauthorized cars park in assigned spaces. Business or residential tenants become upset when this occurs. We are able to keep those parking spots free for their proper use.
  • Inoperable or Unregistered Vehicles Maintain your property value and usage by keeping these vehicles off your property.
  • Fire Lanes Fire trucks need access to hydrants and building entrances. Property owners can be held liable for such blockage.
  • Blocked Garbage Dumpster Trash collectors need access to dumpsters. Without such access, garbage will often not be collected and you may be fined.